Experiential Marketing Manager

The Experiential Marketing Manager at Tokyo Smoke will be an essential figure to the company’s ability to develop and implement experiential initiatives. They are decisive and capable of delivering quick solutions to marketing needs. It doesn’t take much for them to think of creative, delightful ways to help bring the Tokyo Smoke vision to life. They recognize that the fast-paced startup life is a high pressure environment, but this is something they thrive on and not back down from.

By leveraging available tools and information, the Experiential Marketing Manager at Tokyo Smoke knows how to acquire new customers and retain old ones. They have experience in brand building, but are generally interested in the diverse number of tasks that they get to have a hand in as part of a burgeoning company. Developing and managing relationships with partners comes easy to them because they are adaptable, easy to get along with and a strong communicator. They work well within the team and have no trouble getting work done on their own, liaising with both external and internal partners. The Experiential Marketing Manager is a true Tokyo Smoke citizen and is an essential figure in the organization’s growth strategy.

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