Head of Strategy

The Head of Strategy at Tokyo Smoke works side-by-side with the CEO to help determine where the company is going and how it will get there.  The confident, decisive individual is above all an extraordinary communicator, with exceptional analytical skills.  Their experience helps guide them to the right information about industry and market trends, competitive threats and possible business opportunities.  Still, they recognize that the rapidly evolving environment of a startup means there is plenty of ambiguity, complexity and chaos, so they’re also practical and able to problem solve quickly, adjusting their plans to meet new needs.  They are comfortable but not obsessed with numbers, synthesizing research, data and trends into creative strategic plans.

Perhaps most importantly, the Head of Strategy at Tokyo Smoke has a solid understanding of what it takes to structure licensing agreements with potential partners.  They are a seasoned negotiator, able to get the best possible deal done.  They are doers first, with the mandate, credentials, and desire to act as well as advise, skills that will be of much importance when working on licensing deals with new partners.  Still, they also know how to collaborate with internal stakeholders to support execution of major projects, while using their persuasive skills to gain buy-in from the entire company.  Formulating strategy in a burgeoning space like the cannabis industry will present itself with challenges.  And so the Head of Strategy is a seasoned executive, anticipating threats and monitoring performance along the way.  They are a born leader and ready to help lead Tokyo Smoke into the future of cannabis branding.

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