Tokyo Smoke brings emotion, design and function to cannabis

Luxurious, Consistent, Reliable

Tokyo Smoke’s commitment to refined design drives the approach in the Cannabis space. Cannabis is an emotive experience and the product should match the needs and desires of the consumer. Tokyo Smoke has 4 proprietary strains of Cannabis; Go, Relax, Relief, Balance, which have been crafted and perfected over the past 20 years. These strains will be available through legal channels in 2017.*
*No cannabis is available for sale through the Tokyo Smoke website. Legal channels will vary by country and state

Go - An energizing jumpstart to your mind and body. Activate an exhilarating burst of energy and creativity and enjoy an uplifting experience.
Relax - Put your body and mind at ease with this calming character. Skilled in the luxury of leisure, its delightful bliss allows you to unwind and enjoy.
Relief - Find sweet satisfaction in these soothing notes. A natural antidote to daily intensities, its nurturing essence allows for the restorative release of mind and body. 
Balance - This highly collaborative mood isn’t about extremes. It’s about creating a refined rhythm between recreation and imagination, for the ultimate understanding between body and mind.