What is Tokyo Smoke?


Tokyo Smoke was created to prove the Cannabis experience can be beautiful

Tokyo Smoke is the first modern lifestyle brand that brings sophistication and design to Coffee, Clothing and Cannabis. It was founded by a father and son team, based on a strong passion for the Cannabis space, and strong desire to support the Cannabis movement. 

Tokyo Smoke is a leading example of the evolution and maturation of the Cannabis market. As Cannabis is becoming a more mainstream product, with demands from a more mainstream audience, we've developed the Tokyo Smoke brand to elevate the Cannabis experience, and recognize it as a legitimate part of our lives and culture. It should be as beautiful and covetable as designer clothing and coffee

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Alan Gertner

Alan Gertner is the co-founder and CEO of Tokyo Smoke, a modern lifestyle business that is inclusive of Cannabis.

A lover of technology, design and everything in-between, Alan most recently led a $+100M organization at Google Asia Pacific. Alan is a proven leader in strategy and operations, including as a founding member of Google's first Global Business Strategy team in California. A former  Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman in New York and graduate, on the Dean’s list from Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada’s leading business school.

Alan is creating incredibly thoughtful and deliberate interactions with Cannabis - fighting typical stoner stereotypes and providing a thoughtful business approach. In his eyes there is no reason that cannabis can not be treated like fine wine, with an educated user base. 

Tokyo Smoke was created to bring design, education, and emotion to Cannabis. Through immersive retail and digital experiences and spanning multiple verticals to inspire creativity and touch hearts. 

An angel investor and advisor outside of Tokyo Smoke, Alan supports programs that empower the greater startup community, the Cannabis movement and future generations of people pursuing their passions, including his own Time On Project (www.timeon.org) ,dedicated to self disruption, mindfulness and winning at life.


Lorne Gertner

The company was co-founded by the Chairman Lorne Gertner, who is a pioneer in design, licensing, retail, and real estate industries globally. Lorne has substantial experience in fashion whether as president of Mr. Leonard, investing in Pink Tartan with Joe Mimran, or as the Vice Chair of the Fashion Design Council of Canada. In Cannabis, Lorne has proven a visionary, founding Cannasat Pharmaceuticals in 2004, which invested in Canada’s first government license to grow medical marijuana, in addition to co-founding and chairing Pharmacan, a leading Cannabis company in Canada today. 

Lorne is a serial entrepreneur with experience in start-ups all the way to going public transactions. Lorne has been referred to as the godfather of the Canadian cannabis industry having been a co-founder and director of Cannasat Pharmaceuticals the first medical marijuana company to be listed on the Toronto stock exchange in 2002.

Lorne is a world-class creative director and visionary and a partner at Quadrangle Architects and adjunct lecturer at University of Toronto teaching a course in architecture, architecture as an entrepreneurial practice. 

For the past 15 years Mr. Gertner has been a merchant and investment banker being involved in over $1 billion in transactions in the fashion, retail, cannabis and real estate industry. Lorne was the Chairman and CEO of Hill & Gertner Capital Corporation. 

Lorne received a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Toronto in 1982